The Drogheda Comedy Festival is the brainchild of two legends: Drogheda’s very own Paddy Dwyer and the hilarious comedian Barry Murphy. Born from a chance encounter between friends, this festival embodies the spirit of our historic medieval town, where laughter echoes through the
cobbled streets and lively pubs. With a plethora of venues, both intimate and grand, almost all
within walking distance, Drogheda provides the perfect backdrop for a comedic extravaganza.

Our aim is simple yet profound: to celebrate and promote inclusiveness while providing a diverse
range of shows that cater to all communities, so there’s something for everyone at Drogheda Comedy Festival. And with affordable ticket prices, we ensure that laughter is accessible to all,
regardless of background or budget. Just see one show or pick ‘n mix, the choice is yours!

But our mission doesn’t end with just one festival. We’re committed to creating a sustainable, long-term annual event that remains not-for-profit, keeping the focus squarely on the joy of comedy and the camaraderie it fosters. So come join us as we embark on this comedic journey, where every joke is a shared moment of pure hilarity and every performance leaves you craving more. Let’s make Drogheda Comedy Festival a tradition to remember, year after year.

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